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Fall Foliage Wedding Inspiration at Hacienda Sarria

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In Ontario, once the month of October hits, the change of colours of leaves sweeps across the whole province. Fall foliage is a sight to see and this range of red, orange, yellow, green and brown is what inspired our styled shoot. Earth tones and nature were brought indoors to enhance the already magical Hacienda Sarria, a spanish villa that was once an old sugar beet mill back in the 1900’s.

A Wild Vine deckled the standing three arches with branches and fall leaves to create a greater impact for ceremony. The backdrop was then reused for the head table.

Our bride came down the aisle in a Lea Ann Belter gown, and changed over into a Beside Couture red statement gown for the evening. The reception tablescape included a light yellow satin linen making all the difference. To that gold vine chargers, scrolled place cards and visually appealing passionfruit and raspberry chocolate favours from Succulent Chocolates were added. Our accent colour of red can be found through small details from of the shoot, but the greatest one is the rich ruby red ring matching the earrings.

As autumn turns into winter, this bright red carries into the holiday season.

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Planner/ Creative Designer – LoveLee Celebrations
Photographer  –
Ryann Lindsey Photography
Floral –
A Wild Vine
Makeup & Hair  –
Noor Artistry
Stationery  –
Robe –
By Catalfo
Videographer  –
SDE Weddings
Tabletop Rentals –
Plate Occasions
Ring –
Cynthia Findlay Antiques
Wedding Gown –
Lea-ann Belter
Cake –
Cake Bless
Favours –
Succulent Chocolates
Linens –
Linen Closet
Red Dress –
Fitzroy Rentals
Venue –
Hacienda Sarria

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