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6 Reasons to Consider a Microwedding

The term microwedding has been thrown around these days and so are you wondering what is actually considered a microwedding? An elopement near or far, an intimate wedding with a guestlist anywhere from 2 to 50 people, or even a city hall wedding! So is this something that you and your partner want to do? There are definitely more than a few advantages for having a microwedding and it may be something you’d consider even after the pandemic is over. Here are a few reasons to consider a microwedding! 



  1. A More Personal Guest Experience

    With less guests you have the time to go around and connect with everyone that came and thank them for celebrating with you. It’s sure that you can spend quality time with everyone that’s invited and is one of the biggest benefits of having a smaller guest list. 

  2. A Relaxed Day

    Schedules can be tight on time when you have a larger wedding. microweddings on the other hand are more manageable and have a more relaxed feel. There will be less eyes on you meaning less nerves and pressure for you. All that energy will be replaced with being fully comfortable all day and having the most fun.

  3. Easy on the Budget

    Weddings can get expensive. It’s easier to keep the costs down with a microwedding. One of the main variable costs is the number of guests. With less people attending, naturally your total cost will go down. It also leaves room where you can surely splurge on things you really want like those extra flowers or that photographer you’ve always wanted!

  4. Less Time to Plan

    You don’t need to wait a year to plan out your wedding or wait for a venue to accommodate your date based on their availability. There are less decisions to make for a Microwedding and can be planned within just a matter of weeks! Even better if you have a wedding planner who can easily put together the perfect team of vendors for your celebration. 

  5. Personalize and Custom Details

    Now with less guests, you have the opportunity to add a special touch with a customized gift for your close family and friends. At a larger scale, reasons such as costs and time could restrict these details  This incredibly meaningful gesture will surely let your guests know how thankful you are that they are there for this important milestone moment of your life. 

  6. Celebrate Your Love Now!

     Loved really isn’t cancelled! There’s a lot of uncertainty on when things will be back to “normal” sometimes, postponing over and over again may give you more mental stress and that’s the last thing we want. A microwedding is the perfect way to legally get married and celebrate now. I haven’t met a couple who had a microwedding and weren’t over the moon they made the right choice. As long as they had their loved ones beside them, that was the most important detail of all. Some of our couples have also decided to host a bigger party as a part 2 of their wedding once they are able to again. The perfect way to celebrate – celebrate twice!

Although microweddings aren’t for every couple, take a moment as a couple to weigh the pros and cons of your unique situation. I also say everyone has different needs, wants and priorities. If you find that you just want to marry your best friend already and can’t wait any longer than this is the route for you! If you have questions about the logistics of a microwedding, feel free to reach out to us and we’d love to help plan your intimate wedding!


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